My Anatomy Mentor

I am a graduate of Loma Linda University as well as an Associate Professor of Anatomy and Physiology/Biological Sciences in Riverside, CA. I have the privilege of teaching, learning from, and working with future healthcare providers who will apply the vital information that they learn in my classes as they specialize their capabilities and then move toward helping those in need. And so, this website is my attempt to help ensure their success along this noble path.


14 comments on “My Anatomy Mentor

  1. You are one of the best teachers that i’ve ever had. You make me actually use my brain and make it hurt at times. Thanks for not making it atrophy! And I like that you care about your students. Mahalo!

  2. This website is AMAZING!! The videos really help to connect what I read in the books and to reinforce what we go over in class. Thank you!!!

  3. Always willing to help and communicate with students having trouble understand concepts, no doubt best professor possible. Appreciate all that you’ve done for me.

  4. Professor Cryder, keep posting these educational videos. Not only are these videos educational and helpul, but they are as well interesting.

  5. I am actually taking this A&P over here in Arkansas, while browsing videos of Tissues, I came across this web page. I have to say that this is amazing! They were actually very helpful pictures and little notes. Thank you for that and keep doing what you do!

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